The Dhimurru Indigenous Rangers for the new york times

I wrote and photographed a piece on the Aboriginal Rangers working to preserve their traditional country in Australia’s remote Arnhem Land. They are tasked with protecting 550,000 hectares of country in the face of some big challenges.

By combining contemporary training with ancient knowledge, Australia's unique Indigenous ranger program facilitates Aboriginal people once again being in charge of managing their traditional lands.

You can see the piece here.

Drought and Faith in rural Australia for The New York Times

Recent work accompanying a story by Rick Rojas looking at the worst drought in decades gripping Australia and the role of faith in the impacted communities.
"The repercussions from the drought — now affecting a stretch of Australia larger than Texas — seem almost biblical. There was the town swarmed by famished emus searching for food. The crops overrun by feral camels migrating toward water. Around Wee Waa, it has been the kangaroos invading soccer fields and crowding roadsides after dark, their carcasses littering the pavement in the morning. But the consequences have been especially brutal for livestock farmers, who have been forced to sell off stock and take on mountains of debt. Hanging over everything else is the spectre of harder times to come, leading many to reckon with the potential devastation of their livelihoods and their communities.” .

You can see the full story here.


The Marawi Siege for Mother Jones Magazine

At the end of 2017 myself and journalist Saul Elbein spent two weeks in the Philippines reporting on the ISIS inspired siege that had destroyed the city of Marawi. We embedded with tropps clearing the city of IED’s and unexploded ordinance, travelled to IDP camps, visited hospitals where soldiers were recovering, interviewed detailed militants and those whose lives were forever altered by the violence. You can view the recently published piece here.


American Express Campaign - Motion and Stills

The campaign that I created for American Express has hit the streets on billboards and televisions sets throughout Australia. I shot stills and directed motion for the campaign that had us in all corners of Indonesia for 12 days in July. I am so grateful for such a supportive and talented team at Flint Sydney and Ogilvy Australia and to my talented DOP, Glenn Pokorny. 


New Zealand Rugby for the New York Times

I pitched, photographed and wrote a story recently for the New York Times on the dominance of New Zealand rugby. It was a joy to shoot as rugby was my first sporting love. Many thanks to the Gisborne Boys High School for hosting me.


The story can be read here.


Winter Appeal campaign for st vincent de paul

At the beginning of the year I was commissioned to shoot stills and direct a TVC for St Vincent de Paul to launch their winter appeal campaign. The work has just gone live on their website and can be seen here. A link to the motion piece and a couple of the stills can be seen below.



I visited Australian researcher Dr. Kate Brandis who has been relying upon citizen scientists to send her feather samples from around the country to get an idea of the health of Australia's wetlands and bird populations. You can view the article here.



The Sydney suburb of Cabramatta has a rough history of a thriving drug trade and gang activity born out of it's Vietnamese refugee roots. Fast forward to today and it is a dynamic example of how refugee communities can evolve into positive and vibrant. I spent a day there for the New York Times, you can see the story here.


Sudanese Australian refugees finding success overseas for The New York Times


After pitching the story almost a year ago, that moons finally aligned for me to be able to shoot an interesting story for the New York TImes on a Basketball team of Sudanese Australian youth who were finding success overseas in the United States. The "Savannah Pride" have humble roots, most of the players came to Australia as refugees or are the sons of refugees.

I shot stills and 360 video for the piece that was a feature in the launch of the recently opened Australian bureau for the paper.

You can see the finished online piece here and the print edition below.


Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting Grant: Attawapiskat for The Washington Post and Maclean's Magazine


In late 2016 I spent a month reporting on a suicide epidemic in the remote Canadian First Nations community of Attawapiskat with the support of a grant from the Pulitzer Centre on Crisis Reporting. The work aimed to reframe the journalistic narrative of despair too often applied to the sophisticated issues facing First Nations communities.

The work was published by The Washington Post as well as Maclean's Magazine.