Drought and Faith in rural Australia for The New York Times

Recent work accompanying a story by Rick Rojas looking at the worst drought in decades gripping Australia and the role of faith in the impacted communities.
"The repercussions from the drought — now affecting a stretch of Australia larger than Texas — seem almost biblical. There was the town swarmed by famished emus searching for food. The crops overrun by feral camels migrating toward water. Around Wee Waa, it has been the kangaroos invading soccer fields and crowding roadsides after dark, their carcasses littering the pavement in the morning. But the consequences have been especially brutal for livestock farmers, who have been forced to sell off stock and take on mountains of debt. Hanging over everything else is the spectre of harder times to come, leading many to reckon with the potential devastation of their livelihoods and their communities.” .

You can see the full story here.